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Stop Wasting Money & Time on New Kit & Supplies

By G Bruce Grayson |

Aug 06th, 2021



If your out on a job, whether for photography, construction contractor, EMT, landscaper, etc..., and you carry your gear, tools and equipment in bags, cases, trucks or other types transportation, then this is for you.

Depending on the situation and circumstance, you go to get piece of kit from that bag and realize that you can't find that kit which is needed in order to finish the job.

So you now have to run to the store and possibly have a rush order, at the highest shipping cost to expedite the item, in order to finish the job.

Well done done. You got the kit you needed and was able to successfully finish the task and was paid for the work. Good Job!!!

As your putting your kit away, you inexplicably find that item you were looking for and subsequently had scrabble to re-purchased, all for naught.

If we're talking about a small box of nails, USB cable, or some other small item that may cost under $20.00 USD and you are in an area where the item can be purchased with very little downtime, this isn't a big deal. It may be inconvenient but not a game changer.

However, what if you had to purchase a 256GB micro SD card because you couldn't find it in your supplies. Depending on what's available to you and time constraints, you may be spending anywhere from $45.00 USD to almost $60.00 USD at the local electronics store. If the SD card, in our example, was a higher end version for faster transfer rates or the only ones available, this could easily get above $100.00+ USD.

All of this could have been avoided if you had a running inventory of the kit in these bags and cases. A simple 3 x 5 card that lists all the gear and kit in that particular bag would have saved you at least $45.00 USD.

However, whatever way you use to keep track, it's not as simple as it sounds due to the discipline needed to maintain an accurate inventory at all times. Just like not knowing that you had kit already and spent money needlessly because you didn't realize you had it.

We are our own worst enemies in this regard and have no one to blame but ourselves.

Also, just because it's on your list, what happens when you find out at the time it is needed, you do not have that piece of kit because you never updated your inventory system? This can be just as bad and costly. Maybe even worst because now you're on a job without the needed tools to get the job done. To compound matters, there's nowhere to purchase the items that you need.

Here are some things you can do to help mitigate being in this position:

  • Keep an updated inventory;

  • Have an emergency bag of the most commonly used items at all times;

  • Memory, cables, batteries, tools, etc...

  • Never Ever touch that bag unless its absolutely necessary;

  • If you have to use your emergency bag, REPLACE that kit immediately! Treat it like a spare tire on your car;

  • Make sure to test any kit that has not been used in a while. Batteries die, pieces break, updates are required;

What it comes down to is, you're the professional, whatever the occupation. You are being contracted to do the job and that includes having the right tools at all times for that job. Problems due happen and that is to be expected. How you prepare for those problems and contingencies will weigh heavily on how you perform that task and if you are called on again.


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